The command to love is not easy, for we are enjoined to love as Christ loves and whom Christ loves. And whom did Jesus love in the world? Of course he loved those closest to Him, even when they misunderstood Him, let Him down, betrayed Him, denied Him, and deserted Him. But it was not just those closest to Him that Jesus loved. (How easy a mandate would it be to love just our families, friends, and fellow believers?) No, Jesus loved the sinner and the outcast; the poor and the sick; the Roman and the Samaritan; and those who despised and rejected Him. And he loved them with a perfect love – that love which finds expression in complete self-giving.

Who do you love? How do you love? Are there those you cannot love?

May the Lord bring to us this Lent, those we would not ordinarily choose to love, and may we love them with the abundance of love we have received from God; that we may be perfect vessels of the love of God in the world – that you “may be perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt.5:48).

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