• Rev Fr Albert Tan SJ has been Parish Priest since January 2012. In this time he has worked closely with the parishioners who have sought help with their faith life - giving spiritual direction and ret
  • Rev Fr Alberto Irenus David SJ
    Rev Fr Alberto Irenus David SJ was ordained at the Katedral St Francis Xavier in Keningau, Sabah, East Malaysia on 31 July 2011. He holds a STB Baccalaurette in Sacred Theology and M.Div Master of Div
  • Berny Law - An ex-colleague friend by chance happened to hear about the vacancy at Church of St. Francis Xavier (SFX) and he recalled I'd casually mentioned about doing meaningful work in a non-profit
  • Colleen Augustin
    Colleen R. Augustin is a student. She ended up serving in Church of St. Francis Xavier (SFX) because of Sunday School. She volunteers as part of the Parish Web Team. She is a home-schooled student. T
  • Simon was born in Hong Kong of mixed Chinese and English parentage. After being raised and educated in England, he returned to Asia after his studies to start his career, first in education and later
  • Michael Tang
    When Michael Tang and his family returned to the Malaysia in late 2010, they wanted to locate a church which would be easy to get to, as they were not very familiar with Kuala Lumpur then. Church of S
  • Alicia Chan
    Alicia Chan - Hailing from Ipoh, Alicia comes from a family of four. By day, she’s a crazy scientist trying to take over the world. Kidding! She’s a Design Engineer. She designs that black flat screen
  • Francis Lai
    Francis Lai has been Church of St. Francis Xavier (SFX) parishioner since 1987. Retired from 33 years of working life, he continues to serve in several Ministries - the Society of St Vincent de Paul,
  • Kathleen Sammy
    Kathleen Sammy was appointed Parish Web Content Editor in 2013 and is also the editor of 'The PILGRIM' – Parish Newsletter. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (Chartered Institute of Market
  • Belinda Teoh
    Belinda Teoh's family moved from Penang to Petaling Jaya when she turned 8. They arrived at Petaling Jaya, and Church of St. Francis Xavier (SFX) became the parish that they attended for Mass. After c
  • Ignatius Krishnan
    Ignatius Krishnan grew up in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and studied in Singapore. He worked in Singapore for almost 8 years before returning to KL.  Back in the Church of St Terese, Singapore, where he went t

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