Bible Knowledge SPM

What is Bible Knowledge (BK)?
BK is a subject endorsed by the Ministry of Education as an SPM elective subject. The government has made the paper available at the SPM-level since 1960s. The exam paper covers the Book of Luke and Acts.

Who can take the BK exam?
i. Students taking SPM exam and
ii. Adults under the age of 55, with a Malaysian IC can sit for the paper as private candidates.

New intake will be for Form 4 students in 2013 who will be taking their SPM in 2014.

Are your teachers trained?
Our teachers are volunteers with full-time jobs. They have a passion for the Word of God. The teachers are well-connected to the Teachers Christian Fellowship as well as to a network of teachers who have taught BK for more than 10 years. That way, they are kept abreast of exam developments. They also share trial exam papers.

Where will the classes be held?
Classes will be held in Bilik Francis Xavier and Bilik Ignatius, on Sundays from 8.30 am – 12.00 pm. The teachers will give out the syllabus to students at the start of the year. It takes one year to cover the book of Luke (Form 4) and one year to cover the book of Acts (Form 5).

How much do I have to pay?
It will be RM50 per month for students taking classes.

What materials will be used?
Books, learning materials and tuition are provided without any additional charges.

Dr. Peter Pereira
016 244 2484
Chief Coordinator