FIRM Foundation Ministry

To catechise adult Catholics towards a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith.
To assist adult Catholics to participate actively and meaningfully in the liturgy of the Church.
To inform and update adult Catholics on the social teachings of the Church.
To assist adult Catholics to enter into positive inter-religious dialogue by adhering to orthodoxy.
To present the Catholic perspective of Salvation History.
To promote Christian inter-personal relationships among adult Catholics.

To work towards the aforesaid mission through:
organising thematic seminars;
inviting credible speakers to deliberate on Church documents;
offering explanatory sessions on the liturgical celebrations so as to make them more spiritual/meaningful;
providing outreach programmes for BECs and parish groups;
promoting Christian interpersonal relationship through well-ordered sharing of spiritual experiences / knowledge as a sequel to the various programmes; and
encouraging adult Catholics to live and to share new-found faith insights, experiences, etc within families, BECs and society moving adult Catholics to be prayerful to celebrate the liturgy and to be Bible-centred.

Hwang Yu Chiang
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012 281 6933
Chief Coordinator