Jesus in the Gospels

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JESUS IN THE GOSPELS: DISCIPLE Second Generation Studies

In-depth study of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John-30 weeks.

JESUS IN THE GOSPELS invites believers to look at Jesus in each of the four Gospels and ask the question “who is the Jesus that you see?” This study will deepen discipleship through better understanding of the biblical texts and their message. In its approach to Scripture, this study looks more closely at the Gospel texts, to gain a fuller understanding of and appreciation for the four Gospels as richly textured portraits of Jesus.

JESUS IN THE GOSPELS focuses on the portraits of Jesus found in the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The word used in the title signals that the study takes an approach different from the familiar “life and teaching of Jesus” approach of reading stories and accounts of what Jesus said and did in order to draw conclusions about their meaning and about who Jesus was. This study looks at the way each Gospel writer presents events and teaching and at the picture of Jesus that emerges in each of the Gospels as each Gospel has a distinctive angle of vision.

 JESUS IN THE GOSPELS participants may expect to be confronted weekly by Jesus, to be surprised, to be shocked, to be made uncomfortable, to be stretched, to be awed, to be comforted, to experience hope and peace and be summoned to deeper allegiance and loyalty to Jesus.

*Disciple 1: BECOMING DISCIPLES THROUGH BIBLE STUDY is a prerequisite.



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