Lifeline - Young Adults Ministry

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Lifeline Young Adults Ministry is a Catholic ministry for young adults and students of private colleges in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. We belong to the Church of St. Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya, a Jesuit Parish of which roots can be traced back to 1545.

Founded in 1991, Lifeline has grown from a small group of people to an ever-growing and maturing community of young adults from various backgrounds, careers, and phases in their faith.

Lifeline Mission is "Building a New Generation of Catholic Leaders". We are grounded based on 7 principles: 

1. Sound in the Word
Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ. Mindful of the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, we commit to understand and sharing the Word of God in its fullness, making it relevant, practical and applicable to our daily lives.

2. Committed to Prayer
Prayer changes hearts. Consistent intimacy with God makes us reflect His glory more and more. In making prayer a priority, we acknowledge the leadership of Jesus in everything we do. We also affirm the vital importance of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church in our journey towards a truly personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

3. Filled with the Spirit
That the Holy Spirit makes His presence known by the manifestation of spiritual gifts. The power of God came to make holy the sons of God that we shall witness and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

4. Excellent in Lifestyle
We are called to live as God’s chosen people, far above the short-sighted values of the world. We were made to be eager to serve God and His people in practical ways, generously, sacrificially, and joyfully. In a lifestyle of service, we offer everything we have to God, keeping in mind that everything we call our own belongs to Him, and knowing that we can never outdo His generosity.

5. Passionate in Love
Without love we can do everything and yet never please God. Sincere love and affection makes us prompt and creative in our service of God and neighbour. It is only through consideration and appreciation of God’s faithful love and complete forgiveness of us in Jesus Christ that we can create healthy and stable relationship with our families, friends and communities.

6. Accountable to One Another Before Christ
None of us is yet perfect. We commit therefore to honesty and transparency. Only then we can support each other by genuine affirmation and loving correction.

7. Nourished By The Sacraments
Given the full means of salvation and grace available in the Catholic Church especially through the seven sacraments, we affirm their vital importance and make it a point to receive them regularly and when needed as nourishment and grace in our journey towards the reality to which these signs point.

We provide a community for students to be able to:
+ Attend mass together
+ Meet up on a weekly basis for prayed (including the Rosary, Lectio Divina, Praise and worship, Liturgy of the Hours etc)
+ Grow and learn more about Christ and His Church through talks and sharing sessions
+ Fellowship and journey together in faith

Want More Info?

Look us up on Facebok (Lifeline Young Adult Ministry or @sfxlifeline) or contact one of us below!

Kenneth Jeremiah Foo
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012 673 0736
SFX Youth Pastoral Worker

Jonathan Ng
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011 2630 4089
Lifeline Chief Coordinator