Plan for Your Wedding

Which Parish do you belong to?

1) If you belong to SFX Parish:

(i) Download and complete the CMPC Form.

(ii) Prepare the necessary documents and make an appointment to see the Parish Priest with the documents

(iii) Wait for the CMPC Coordinator to arrange your CMPC Sessions.

(iv) The CMPC programme takes 6 weeks ( 1 ½ - 2 months). You should aim to complete your CMPC Session at least 6 months before the date of your wedding, so register as soon as you can.

(v) Take your CMPC Certificate with all the other documents to the Parish Office for the next step.

2) If you do not belong to SFX Parish

(i) Return to your designated Parish and if you choose to get married there then visit your home Parish office and enquire about their procedures.

(ii) If you choose to get married in SFX visit your designated home Parish Office to obtain a letter from your Parish Priest to this effect. Than continue with Step 1 (i) above.

3) Documents to prepare

+ Updated Baptism and Confirmation Certificate (6 months validity)
+ IC or Passport (foreigner) or any other relevant identification document.
+ Birth certificate
+ CMPC Certificate
+ Passport sized photographs

4) The parish office will advise you on the following arrangements:

+ Pre- Nuptial Inquiry with priest
+ Civil Marriage registry
+ Witness IC copies (preferably parents but not parents)

5) Church arrangements

+ Rehearsal
+ Mass booklets
+ Flower arrangements/other decoration
+ Choir
+ Servers
+ Projection
+ Bride’s attire