Migrant Ministry


The Migrant Ministry in SFX was initiated in February 2016 as an outreach to migrants and refugees who are within the parish boundaries and who may come to SFX requesting assistance. The ministry is also a response to the call of the Year of Mercy, for us to become the hands of Christ reaching out to the oppressed and downtrodden. The Ministry seeks to provide support and assistance to migrants and refugees as well as, to deepen the parish community awareness of their situation and nurture a sense of shared humanity and dignity with all who come to our doors. In this we are guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and the words of Pope Francis, i.e.

Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity. They are children, women and men who leave or who are forced to leave their homes for various reasons, who share a legitimate desire for knowing and having, but above all, for being more.
- Pope Francis

There are 10 Core Team Members and a newly established volunteer on-call team of 20. As this is a newly formed ministry, we are in the process of establishing our services and outreach and links to other agencies involved in Migrant and Refugee services.

Lanny Sugijono
019 919 2415
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Chief Coordinator