St Anne’s BEC experiences Laudato Si

By Elizabeth Choo

6 April 2019

Inspired by this year’s Lenten campaign theme, on a beautiful Saturday morning, 21 members of our BEC gathered for a unique experience at Taman Jaya park to put into practice the call of our Holy Father in Laudato Si to care for our common home.

We began with beautiful prayers in union with creation, prepared by our BEC chief, Pascal Heng, expressing our gratitude to God for the wonderful creation of nature, reminding ourselves to appreciate the gift of earth, water, air and fire - precious elements that we take for granted. Before starting our workout, nutritious and fresh fruits - guava, grapes & banana, were served as our early energy boost from nature.

I led the first session, a full body stretching and meditation to help everyone to loosen up the tensed muscles, smile, breathe and be in silence with our Creator. As the saying goes: ‘One is closer to God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth’. Slowing down our body movement enables us to put aside our busy life and be more aware of our surrounding...Mother Earth. After a 30-minutes workout, we proceeded with a relaxing walk around the park, admiring the fruit trees and plants, listening to the birds chirping while enjoying each other’s company with much joy and laughter. It was touching to have a number of BEC members joining in the sessions despite their weak knees and legs or the dependence on wheelchair and walking stick. SS2 outing 3

We continued on with Tai-Qi, led by Agnes Murthy, who patiently showed us the basic steps for beginners. It was indeed refreshing as those slow but firm moves brought a balanced energy throughout our body that made us feel much lighter. After burning a lot of calories, it was time to replenish with a delicious breakfast. We had curry puffs from Lily’s mother, nasi lemak, mee siam, homemade chocolate & banana muffin by Nancy, nyonya kuih, savory kuih, sweet BBQ meat, hot coffee and tea. While feasting, Audrey Ng shared with us pointers on various ways to make use of flowers and plants to decorate our home or to nourish our bodies.

We were conscious to clear the rubbish, to recycle the plastics; a genuine act of ‘caring for our common home’. We ended with the prayer to care for the environment. Thanks to all BEC members who made this a fun activity, and Francis Lai for the photos. All in all, it was a great experience and praise God for being with us, blessing us with good weather!

SS2 outing 1