Sec 10 walks the Way of the Cross

Sts Peter and Paul BEC members took to the streets, so to speak! But this time to have a meaningful yet different experience of the Way of the Cross.

This Lent, we did the Progressive Way of the Cross – going to a few homes and doing a few stations at each home. The procession around the neighbourhood with the crucifix and candles lit was somber and solemn. It was done out of a desire to get all the families to pray together. The last session was on 10 April with the theme “Strengthen us to bear the cross”.

We prayed that God bless our pilgrimage along the way to each home, that we be blessed with conducive weather and be kept safe at all times; and we were.

This Way of the Cross was introduced and organized by Eugene Morais and Noeline Chanan, Section 10 Liturgy Coordinator. It was well received and the different approach made it more interesting and meaningful.

Eugene said: “It was indeed a prayerful experience journeying with Jesus Christ like this.”

He added that he got the inspiration after watching Desperate Housewives. In one episode they had a Progressive Party, when the appetiser was in one house, then they move to another house for the main and finally the dessert in another house.

“A thought came to me that if we have carolling during Christmas tide, then this would be great during lent. They do this in Kerala, India too.”

 Sec10 Stations 4

Sec10 Stations 4

Sec10 Stations 4