Power Parenting in the Digital Age

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“Power Parenting in the Digital Age”

Impact of New Technologies on Our Church & Family Life

Most parents today worry about the impact of the Internet, mobile phones, social media, 24 x 7 TV channel networks and virtual reality computer-games on our children. With today’s fast-paced digital lifestyle, how much influence do parents and teachers still have over their children?

“Power Parenting in the Digital Age” offers valuable insights for parent on how to nurture teenagers to fully develop their spiritual & human potential without the negative effects of New Technology. This informative session will explore and identify:

  • What Parents Need to Know about Social Media
  • Things You Should Never Do on Facebook
  • How VALUES are shaped by the Media and not by our Religious Institutions
  • How Parents can Communicate Effectively with their Children

 Date:  Saturday, 25 May 2019

 Time:  9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Venue: Loyola Hall,

St. Francis Xavier Church, Petaling Jaya

Donation: RM20 per pax

(*includes refreshments)


Speaker profile: 

Sir Augustine Loorthusamy KSS (Augy) is the President Emeritus of Signis - the World Catholic Association for Communication.

In 2014, he was conferred Papal Knight of the Equestrian order of St. Sylvester, Pope and Martyr  by the Holy Father Pope Francis in recognition of his many years of contribution to the Church in the field of Social Communication.

Sir Augustine holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and is also the author of Talking Straight, a guidebook on effective public speaking.