BEC Mothers-Womens Prayer Group

Reminiscing Mothers/Women’s Group’s Anniversary

It all began 3 years ago on 16 October 2015 when Juliet Williams mooted the idea of a prayer
group for mothers from the BEC. Rose Lee took the initiative to invite a lady who started a
similar prayer group in her previous parish, St Francis of Assisi (SFA).

As there were single ladies in the BEC, to be all inclusive, it was decided to be called the BEC
Zone 21 Mothers/Women’s Prayer Group. This initiative blossomed into including several
mothers from surrounding BECs near and far.

In celebration of the 3 rd Anniversary, a pilgrimage was planned to visit the newly opened St
Francis of Assisi Church in Cheras. The day started bright and early on 17 October 2018, with 22
sisters and brothers in Christ gathered for prayers before departing in 4 cars to SFA.

The Station of the Cross was performed as the first activity of the day. The pilgrims consisted of
mainly Senior Citizens and several younger members to render assistance to those who may
need it.

bec women pray group

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Happily the seniors braved the stairs and undulating slopes around SFA and matched the young
ones step-for-step in the Calvary Walk, up the hill. Praise and worship were offered in the
Portiuncula Chapel followed by cake-cutting and lunch.

The pilgrimage concluded with individual prayers inside the newly renovated SFA church and a
group photo outside the church entrance.

station of the cross

Editor’s note: Though this was from some time ago, it seems like a good story to share anyway.