Coffee Morning Goes Environment-Friendly

No plastic bags this time for coffee morning! This was the commitment of Sts Peter and Paul (Sec10) BEC for their turn at sales end of April.

“We used mostly brown boxes and bags for the food. For those who wanted to ‘ta pau’, we had paper bags made from recycled magazine paper for them,” explained Regina Morris, the BEC’s chief coordinator (CC).

The bags were made by one of the BEC members. Someone who came to their stall remarked,"Oh, I am so proud of Section 10 for using recyclable containers and not plastics."

The coffee morning hosted by BEC Section 10 was a lot of hard work, said the CC, but also a wayfor them to work together as a community to raise funds for their BEC.

Their signature dish, Nasi Lemak, was a sell-out and so was the meehoon, bread pudding,cupcakes, and toasted sardine sandwiches - all homemade. Elsie, who cooked 5kg of rice,single-handedly, did not sleep that night as she was up from 2am cooking the rice in batches.

coffee session

Everyone who came to help, did so with dedication and enthusiasm. It was a long day for all but clearly, no one minded and everyone worked in synchronicity, filling in wherever it was needed.

“At the end of the day, it may not have been so much about how much we made, but moreabout how we did this together,” said Regina.