Traffic and Security Guidelines

Dear Parishioners,

In view of the recent security advisory issued by the Archdiocesan Office as well as changes implemented to improve our car parking & traffic system, kindly be informed of the following:

  1. Parking along Jalan Gasing in front of our church is strictly not allowed. A special place is allocated just after the main entrance for Drop Off and Pick Up (including Grab). (Note: Our Elderly & Differently-abled can continue to be dropped off near the front porch as usual).
  1. During weekends and Feast Day Masses, our Wardens and RELA officers will be stationed along Jalan Gasing main entrance to ‘screen’ vehicles coming into church. Please slow down as you approach the main entrance and cooperate with them.
  1. The main car park in front of Our Lady of Fatima (Car Park A) is now prioritised for the elderly and differently-abled. Those who park in the 3 first rows (shaded in red and located immediately in front of OLOF) will need to leave soon after Mass so that the other cars can also come out as per traffic flow. If you are planning to stay back after Mass, please do not park on the first 3 rows at Car Park A.
  1. When parking inside the church, please follow the new parking lines. Yellow boxes are the regular parking lots. Red Boxes are temporary parking bays and only to be used during weekend Masses and Feast Day Masses.

Those who park in red boxes must ensure that they leave soon after Mass to ensure smooth flow of traffic from church after Mass. If you wish to stay back after Mass, please park in the yellow boxes adjacent to the exit lanes OR at the basket-ball court Car Park C (next to Jesuit House) where you will not prevent other cars from coming out.

  1. Cones are placed at strategic locations to ensure that cars are not parked along those areas. Please do not shift the cones and park your vehicles there.
  1. During Sunday Masses (8.00 am to 1.30 pm), there will also be RELA officers on duty at the Public Car Park (next to Satellite restaurant) to ensure safety of cars parked there and to help in directing traffic. Please use the public car park when the church car parks are full and avoid parking by the side of roads.
  1. Those who park just outside the church front gate (Car Park 1) must use exit route of the church and not go against the flow of traffic via the main entrance into Jalan Gasing.
  1. There is also a General Security Advisory which has been issued 2 weeks ago. Please get a copy of the Advisory so that you will be well informed.

I am pleased to advise that we have recently completed a comprehensive Security Audit and Assessment of our Parish. Our Security Team is working on an action plan including Emergency Responses. etc. We will keep you advised once these are ready. Until then, I appeal to all parishioners to follow the instructions of the Hospitality Ministers / Wardens, Security and RELA personnel.  Please accord all due courtesy to our volunteers and RELA. Let us together make SFX a great and safe place to worship our Lord as a community.

Thank you very much and God Bless!

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Father Norris Seenivasan, SJ
Parish Priest
Church of St Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya


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