Witnesses to God’s Love at SFX Potta Retreat

They came. Some skeptical but curious; others with illnesses and pains they wanted healed. Some came prepared for a close encounter with God; others turned up just to observe but unable to fully surrender their will to the Spirit.

So for five days from February 20-24, 2019, they congregated as a motley faith community for the Potta Retreat at St Francis Xavier Church facilitated by Fr Augustine Vallooran V.C. director of the famed Divine Retreat Centre in Potta, Kerala, India.

The centre, the world’s largest Catholic retreat centre, had attracted over 10 million pilgrims since 1990. Those who attended the SFX retreat had heard of cases of amazing healing, both spiritual and physical, that had taken place there. They wanted the same experience, to perhaps be witnesses to miracles.

These are the testimonials of some who attended.


Margaret D’Cruz

“This was my first retreat in over a decade. It came at a time when I had a whole lot of struggles in my life. The retreat helped me most by making me focus on what God wants and less of what I want. I looked forward to do the daily reading and prayers each morning and finding that TIME (quiet moments) with our Lord was very precious to me.

“I have learnt to make time for people around me other than my own family and reconnecting with people whom I have lost touch. I used to make time for people – listening to a person’s story or a sincere embrace -- but as the years went by I realised that I had become more self-absorbed.”



Yvonne is a Kadazan Dusun who runs a Shell station in Keningau. She joined the retreat at a time when she was struggling financially, and also diagnosed with breast cancer for a while now.

“On the first night, Fr Augustin spoke about inner healing. He mentioned that there were five brothers and sisters struggling with cancer. And that they were also going through legal battles. He said ‘Christ is asking you to let go of your worries and that you should go back home today and before you sleep pray, reflect and ask yourself whether or not you are willing to let go of all the struggles’. I had an important medical check-up just after the retreat, but decided I would try.

“On the same night, I dreamt I was in hospital and a voice was convincing me that everything was OK and that I had nothing to worry about. In the remaining days of the retreat, I had never felt the power of community praying as powerful as what I felt there.

“The day after the retreat, I went for my medical appointment. I had been for multiple procedures (for my breast cancer), but my current condition was a unique one; the tumours are located near to my heart and I would risk my life to remove them. However, after my medical check-up, I was told the two tumours were non-cancerous and that where they were located, it was impossible for them to grow and cause further complications. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I then recalled what Fr Augustin had shared with us at the retreat — “Christ is asking you to let go of your worries”.



“God gave me a divine revelation that completely changed the way I’ve been praying. My aunty in Singapore was anxious about her trip to Holy Land due to the political conflicts and asked us to lift it up as a petition. During the adoration, Father called her by name and said “God said I am your shepherd, there is nothing you shall fear, nothing you shall want.”

During the Holy Spirit session while we were praying over, I saw a massive dam broken and a rush of water just gushing through. And then I just sobbed.”



“The Holy Spirit has healed my body, heart and soul. My backache, knee pain and shoulder pain have gone. All the hurts from my childhood till now have been taken away by the Lord. Even the hurts in my childhood that I was too young to remember but had impact on my life were revealed to me and healed.”

In the case of T, he made a promise to give up drinking at the retreat and have kept it. He also reported that his back pain was healed. As for IS, he attended the retreat limping from a fractured right toe. At the end of the five days, he was walking normally.


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