Children Reflect on "Vocation"

It was a soul-searching time for children of SFX parish as they stopped to pray and reflect on their calling. These 450 Religious Education children aged 6 to 17 wrote down their thoughts and offered up their vocation ambitions at the Vocation Sunday mass in May, symbolically on boards shaped as sheep.

Here are some of the heartfelt thoughts of youth ranging from 12 to 17 years:

  • To be a better person and to be the best for God.
  • I learned that Vocation is not solely focused on priesthood but also on married or single life. Vocation can be translated to devotion to serving God and others. I believe we should always have a day set aside to reflect on our vocations, and keep that day sacred.
  • I always thought Vocation is serving God in the priesthood and only then can I devote myself to him.
  • A day of prayer and reflection in relation to the call to Ministry and Christian service. Our Church looks for people to be priests.
  • Ask God questions to guide us in our lives. To be grateful for what we have and pray to God. To thank priests for sacrificing themselves to serve the Church.
  • A day dedicated to those who want to join the priesthood. We should encourage more people to join the priesthood and also to read the Word of God.
  • An eye opening experience as never really thought about my future
  • Did not feel any different but sensed a need to make a change