Celebrating Harvest Festival Together As a Family

"Kaamatan & Gawai" are significant Harvest Festivals celebrated by Sabahans and Sarawakians on 31st May (Kaamatan) and 1st June (Gawai) every year. It is a special occasion for friends and families to spend quality time together and enjoy the festivities.

On 15th June 2019, SFX Youth Ministry, led by Yang Diutus Ministry, organized a ‘Kaamatan & Gawai’  joint-celebrations. Themed "Pelayanan Hasil Tuaian,” the celebration began with an evening Mass at St. Francis Xavier, PJ church and thereafter, to a fellowship gathering in Loyola Hall. The opening ceremony was officiated by Fr. Alberto Irenus, SJ with cutting of 'Ranyai' (a tradition from Sarawak). Those present were also invited to experience cutting the 'Ranyai'. The ranyai tree is usually made of nipah where food and drinks are hung on it.

SFX parishioners were treated to local delicacies such as ayam pansuh, nuba laya, ikan masin campur, tuak, linopot, and hinava. The evening was also filled with a variety of cultural activities such as traditional dance performances, songs, 'menari beramai-ramai' and even arm-wrestling!

We would like to take this opportunity to express our utmost gratitude to our Parish Priest Fr. Norris SJ, Fr Alberto Irenus SJ, all parish office staff and parishioners for making this celebration a meaningful occasion and a blessing for everyone. Our families from Sabah and Sarawak add a rich tapestry of culture and heritage to our SFX community. Celebrating such festivities together will certainly foster greater understanding, unity and patriotism.

Photos by Esther LIm

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