Light a Candle Campaign

LIGHT A CANDLE CAMPAIGN (15th & 16th June 2019)

The Prison Ministry of St Francis Xavier Church was established on 18th January, 2019.  To kick-start our activities, we organized a “Light A Candle” campaign to help increase public awareness and promote our new ministry among SFX parishioners. The campaign was held over two days from 15th to 16th June, 2019, which also happened to coincide with the Confirmation of RE students.

Volunteers distributed candles with prayer cards and requested parishioners to light a candle and say a prayer at two Grottos —‘Our Lady of Fatima’ and ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Help’.  Overall, the Prison Ministry’s first outreach event was blessed with good response and overwhelming support from our SFX parishioners. With almost one thousand candles lit and numerous prayers delivered, the ministry also managed to attract 60 parishioners to sign up as members.

Our key campaign objectives:

  • To create awareness on Prison Ministry among SFX parishioner
  • To pray for Malaysian prison inmate
  • To recruit new members into the Ministry

We would like register our utmost gratitude to all who have supported us in this meaningful campaign.