Introduction to Ignatian Spirituality & Prayer (2020 Program)


Ignatian Spirituality Testimonial #1

"All done well. I thank you all and appreciated very much for presenting this ISP progam at St Francis Xavier Church. God Bless you all abundantly! It is a life changing experience. My prayer life deepened to such an extent that I am no longer the same person, a nicer person."

Testimonial #2

"Truly helped to deepen my prayer life, and helped me to be filled with gratitude for God’s great love for me. I realised as I meditated with Ignatian eyes, and walked daily in this program, that Jesus, in my personal reflections, has always walked with me in my life even when my eyes had not been open to see His presence in many of my life situations before."

Testimonial #3

"To read the Scripture text and reflect using the Ignatian prayer method have deepened my prayer life and I feel much closer to our Lord. I truly enjoyed the retreats with my prayer companions, presentations, weekly guided prayers, sharing sessions as well as group discussions.


Short-Term Goals

    1. To get the participants to commit themselves to a life of prayer and relate deeply with Jesus.
    2. To introduce the basics of Ignatian spirituality to the participants.
    3. To recruit, primarily amongst the participants, those interested in further work in the area of Ignatian spirituality.

Mid-Term Goals

    1. To form prayer guides to guide the various ministries and Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) of SFX (and perhaps eventually even beyond) in “the week of guided prayer.”
    2. To start an Ignatian Spirituality Ministry at SFX.

Long-Term Goals

    1. To produce lay spiritual directors who are available for spiritual direction, conversation, recollection and retreats at SFX.

Target Audience

Parishioners of SFX/those who frequent SFX. Priority is to be given to the PPC (Parish Pastoral Council), PFC (Parish Finance Committee), PCC (Parish Coordinating Council), Chief Coordinators and Core Team members of the various Ministries and BECs of SFX.


100 Participants.
Note: With 100 participants we may be able to take only 50 through the “week of guided prayer” planned for towards the end of the program. We may have to organize a second “week of guided prayer” for the rest after that.

Groupings (throughout the program) 10 groups of 10

Note: These groups can be self-sufficient. Guide questions will be provided for group discussion. During the retreat the sharing will focus on the prayer experiences of the participants using the “three rounds of sharing.” Two members of each group will be asked to function as coordinators.


RM 200.00




3.00 to 5.00 pm


Bellarmine and Canisius

Demands on the Participants

    1. Commitment to daily prayer of 30 minutes using Lectio Divina/Ignatian Contemplation and 10 minutes of Consciousness Examen.
    2. To be present at inputs.
    3. To read Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: An Introduction to Ignatian Spirituality by David Lonsdale, S.J.
    4. Commitment to 30 minutes of spiritual conversation for five days during the “week of guided prayer.


    1. Actual 30 minutes of daily prayer using Lectio Divina or Ignatian Contemplation & 10 minutes of the Consciousness Examen.
    2. Basic text: Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: An Introduction to Ignatian Spirituality by David Lonsdale SJ.
    3. Inputs from various speakers.
    4. Video presentations if any.
    5. Group sharing – based on guide questions & prayer experience.
    6. Individual spiritual conversation during the week of guided prayer.


For registration please contact Dominic Tan at 0123710333.

Optional Pilgrimage

To the Ignatian sites in Spain. Led by George Yeow. Dates: 18 to 29 May 2020.

Topics to be Covered:

 Month  Date  Topic  Presenter  Comment
Jan 11 The Universal Call to Holiness Norris Confirmed
  18 Introduction to Prayer Cecilia Confirmed
Feb 1 Prayer Methods I: Lectio Divina Simon Confirmed
  15 Prayer Methods II: Ignatian Contemplation & Consciousness Examen Judith Confirmed
  22 Ignatius (Chapters 1 & 2 in Lonsdale) Gerard Confirmed
  29 The World and the Trinity (Chapter 3 in Lonsdale) Alvin Ho Confirmed
Mar 7 Discernment of Spirits (Chapter 4 in Lonsdale) Alvin Ho Confirmed
  14 The Spiritual Exercises (Chapter 6 in Lonsdale) Varghese Confirmed
  21 Spiritual Direction (Chapter 7 in Lonsdale) Celina Confirmed
  28 Ignatian Spirituality and the Church (Chapter 9 in Lonsdale) Gregory Confirmed
Apr 4 Embodying the Spirit: The Society of Jesus (Chapter 8 in Lonsdale) Gerard Confirmed
  18 Ignatian Spirituality and Lay Christians (Chapter 10 in Lonsdale) Judith Confirmed
  18 Start of Retreat (See File) Judith, Cecilia, Gerard & Norris Confirmed
  25 Retreat Judith, Cecilia, Gerard & Norris Confirmed
May 2 End of Retreat Judith, Cecilia, Gerard & Norris Confirmed
  9 Start Week of Guided Prayer Bobby Lian & Sojourners Companions Confirmed
  16 End Week of Guided Prayer Bobby Lian & Sojourners Companions from Singapore Confirmed