Celebrating First Holy Communion

Holy Communion

A total of 40 children received their First Holy Communion at the Church of St Francis Xavier on 20th October 2019.

The parish priest, Rev. Fr Norris Seenivasan celebrated this memorable occasion at the 11.30 am mass. The children could barely contain their excitement,  their radiant  faces reflecting the immense joy at receiving Jesus for the first time...the girls in their lovely white dresses and the boys in their pristine white shirts and red bow-ties.

There was also much joy among their parents, grandparents ,god-parents and well- wishers. Before the 'big day',  the children went through their first reconciliation, after which the parents  and children washed each others' feet as a meaningful act of humility, bonding and love. A great deal of hard work and dedication, on the part of the Catechists, goes into the preparation of the children for this Sacrament to ensure that they understand and appreciate their Catechism and the Sacraments ....all this for the greater good: the building of God's Kingdom here on earth!