Born is the Light of the World

born is the light of the world

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, with times becoming more uncertain, we learn to appreciate the things we had in the days before the pandemic. Leading up to the season of Christmas, we still see ourselves celebrating Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord from our homes together as One Holy Catholic Church, a nation for Christ!

We bring you a hymn titled "Born is the Light of the World" written and composed by Sally DeFord in remebrance of a time when she had observed a painting depicting the infant Jesus and Mary illuminated in light. We present our take on this hymn of praise and presented during the Pre-mass Carolling for the 7.00pm Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord live-streamed mass on 24th December 2020 from the Church of St. Francis Xavier.

Wishing your families, from ours, a Blessed Christmas and Tidings of Joy in the year to come.


Virtual Choir Co-ordinator - Shereen Dulau
Video Produced by Joanne Aw
Audio Mixed and Mastered by Dr. Gordon Pereira
Musicians of the Music Ministry of The Church of St. Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya