Care For Creation

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Care For Creation (C4C)


In his encyclical Laudato Si, Pope Francis challenges us to Care for Our Common Home by growing in the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. This means growing and living in a healthy relationship with God, with our neighbours and all creation.

To nurture a healthy relationship with creation, each of us is called by God to be stewards of His creation: to make prudent choices in our daily lives and where necessary, even to take bold and radical action to defend creation and common good. In terms of climate change, we are called as individuals and institutions to reduce our ecological and carbon footprint as well as bring down emissions of pollutants through making sustainable, lifestyle changes. By doing so, we will nurture and support the development of human life, as well as protect all that is true, good and beautiful.

In short, living Laudato Si simply means making a conscious effort to contribute positively towards the common good, not for the sake of common good itself but towards the greater glory of God and sanctity of others.

Globally, the Catholic Church operates more than 220,000 parishes. These parishes have cathedrals, churches, chapels, rectories, offices and other parish buildings and vehicles which rely heavily on the use of conventional fuels for energy. As such, these parishes have a great potential and role to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, contributing substantially towards climate change.

Hence, we have formed the Care for Creation (C4C) Team in our parish. We would like to invite you to be part of this new team aiming to inspire, engage and lead our parish community to not just speak out (advocacy) but to reach out beyond our boundaries to make a real difference through concrete efforts on conservation, starting within our own community.

(Adapted based on excerpts from “Eco-Parish Guide“ by Tomas Insua, Global Coordinator, Global Catholic Climate Movement)



The Care for Creation (C4C) Ministry aims to fulfil its mission by addressing five areas of concern with a genuine hope to raise awareness, inspire change and drive action.

Our efforts will be spearheaded by these respective teams.


1) Liturgy, Prayer & Spiritual Resources

Since all our efforts need to be grounded in prayer, the ministry’s liturgy, prayer and spiritual resources team will look at incorporating relevant intercessions and prayers within the Mass and prepare para-liturgical celebrations.  On September 1, World Day of Prayer for Care for Creation, this team will be tasked to organise a Day of Prayer/Recollection for the parish.


2) Education and Awareness

This team will be tasked to create awareness and catechise adult parishioners to understand what it means to Care for Creation within the context of Catholic’s Social Teachings and Stewardship of the Earth. Also, to highlight how we can make good choices as stewards of creation within our local church, communities and homes.

These include organising a series of webinars, programmes and talks scheduled to coincide with significant days set aside by the Church such as Laudato Si Week (May) and Feast day of patron saints of environment and ecology:  St Kateri Tekakwitha (July 14) and St Francis of Assisi (Oct 4).


3) Religious Education (RE)

To ensure the children and youth play an equally important role, this team will be tasked to work alongside Religious Education and Life Teen to catechise and create awareness, as well as engage them in simple but concrete activities.


4) Major and Minor Projects

This team will be tasked to coordinate the implementation of major and minor projects.

  • SFX Mobile Food Bank is a major joint-project between Care for Creation Ministry and Society of St Vincent de Paul. Participation and support of this Mobile Food Bank has been forthcoming from BECs, Parish Ministries and also parishioners. Monthly food aid has been extended to urban poor families including migrants in the Petaling District since December 2020.
  • Minor projects include installation of recycle bins in church and potentially a vegetable or floral garden with Religious Education.


5) Training and Certification

Training and the eventual certification of our church is an end goal of this team. For a start, we will be conducting training courses to various church ministries and eventually to all parishioners via online platforms and face-to-face.





We are actively recruiting parishioners to be part of our C4C team.  For more details, kindly contact Kelvin Boey (012-203 6081).

SFX Food Bank

The monthly Food Bank is an ongoing initiative to provide food supplies to more than 100 urban poor families in Petaling district. Many of them are in dire need of our support. You can help us by contributing food, cash, or assist with the monthly packing and distribution exercise. If you would like to assist, please contact Francis Lai (016-682 9330).