Religious Education

"To catechise the baptised children and evangelise the non-baptised children through the use of the Christian Praxis method".

Religious Education was formed in 1966. Earlier, the Jesuit Fathers in SFX Church had already foreseen the need for RE as they observed that Catholic children sent to non-Catholic schools did not have the opportunity to receive faith education during school hours. The need for Sunday School became even greater when faith education during school hours was abolished.

Religious Education classes are conducted on Sundays from 10:00am to 11:15am during the school term at the Catholic High School. Registration is held during the first two months of the first school term. The classes are open to boys and girls above the age of five. No classes are conducted on long weekends and during school holidays.

Apart from the classes, there are other activities such as Bible camps, social concern projects, outings and visits.

Adrian Chan
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Chief Coordinator