Rev. Fr. Peter Kim, SJ (1943-2016)

6th Parish Priest: 1979-1985

In 1979, Fr. Peter Kim became the first Malaysian Jesuit to serve as Parish Priest in SFX. He became Parish Priest at a time when the Church was calling for greater participation by the Lay in the life of the Church. A programme to renew the Parish along these lines was initiated by Fr. Peter Kim – making SFX the leading model for the building up of the basic Christian community.

For 6 years, Fr. Peter Kim worked with lay leaders to form these communities. He walked, prayed, planned and grew with them. Working relentlessly, Fr. Peter Kim would visit homes and encourage BEC members to meet regularly in order to understand their role as the domestic Church. Under his loving care and guidance, BECs flourished and more lay people became involved in parish activities. The first Parish Assembly was conducted in which the Lay had a voice and parishioners began to understand the meaning of “We are the Church”. Fr. Peter Kim remembers this time with deep gratitude for the love and kindness that has touched him and enriched his life.

[Source: Church of St. Francis Xavier - 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary Book]