Welcome to SFX

"He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me (Mt 10: 40)."

My beloved family in Christ,

Welcome! Welcome to this website! Welcome to the parish of SFX!

To be Christian is to be welcoming of all kinds of people - rich, poor, white, black, talented and not so talented, old and young, believer and unbeliever. In short, everyone.

I suspect that by nature, some of us find it a lot easier to be welcoming of people than others. The rest of us have our limitations. Nevertheless, as Christians, we try and transcend our limitations in order to be more like Christ.

Transcendence may very well be at the heart of spirituality! A Sri Lankan Jesuit scholastic, coming from a background of war and conflict, once told me, “What is the point of being Christian if you cannot see God in people?” I believe that this is what Mt. 10: 40 is telling us to do. It is telling us to see Christ in everyone and that in welcoming everyone we welcome God.

We create a space for the divine. Who does not like to be welcomed? The line from Cheers, the old television sitcom, goes so far as to say, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.” For people to know your name it would be very helpful if you are involved in our Church. SFX has many ministries and I believe that you could find one in which you would easily fit it. Unless you are involved in parish life you will never feel that you belong to our Church. We want you to belong, to feel at home. We wish to welcome you. Welcome!




Fr. Norris Seenivasan, S.J.

Parish Priest of SFX since 1st Jan 2018